Evaluation of feed and livestock production chains to support detection of GM ingredients in animal feeds

Summary of WP4 [+]:

The aim of this work package is to provide a comprehensive assembly describing the livestock as well feed production chains within the EU. In particular the genetically modified ingredients (GMO) have been dealt with tracking selected chains. A written final report has been submitted, of which the key conclusions include the following, in summary:

• EU and member state regulations enable clear tracing of livestock throughout the entire production chain.

• Livestock controls and health data focus primarily on compliance with documentation and identification requirements as well as infectious diseases.

• Based on publicly available databases, it is not possible to trace all feed materials in the EU back to the farm of origin, to precisely quantify the distribution and use of (GM) feed materials among different livestock species. Only rough estimates of the percentage of animal feed containing GM material can currently be made.

• Although only a small percentage of animal feed is tested for the presence of GMOs, available data indicates the majority of feed materials are correctly labeled.