Marlon Final Conference

The Final Conference of the MARLON project took place on the 16th of July 2015 in Hotel Bloom, Brussels (Belgium). The event was organized with the purpose of disseminating the Project’s development, its main outcomes and resulting policy recommendations.

The morning session was themed under “Monitoring of animals for feed-related risks - Results and Insights from the MARLON Project”, and was moderated by Mr. Marios Markakis, Research Programme Officer at the European Commission. The presentations of the sessions are available in the links below:

The afternoon session had the format of a Podium Discussion, themed under “When and how should monitoring of feed-related risks be implemented?”, and was moderated by Dr. Harry Kuiper, retired scientist from the Wageningen University & Research Centre (The Netherlands). The presentation of the session are available below:

Two workshops were also organized in conjunction with this event, on the 17th of July:

  “The use of Syndromic Surveillance in Monitoring of Feed-Related Risks”

Aim: To present veterinary health professionals, biosafety officers, regulatory specialists, risk assessors and/or epidemiologists with a model developed for analysis of surveillance systems in the context of feed-related exposures.
You can download this workshop’s presentations here:

 “Monitoring the Safety of animal Feed”

AIM: Informing Policy-Makers about the enhanced possibilities that the new epidemiological model developed under the Project will offer for enforcement of GMO biosafety legislation. It will also present IPAFeed, the Information Platform for Animal health and GM Feed -, a new open access platform on epidemiological studies which could provide useful data for the purpose of monitoring for health impacts of animal feeds, in particular those containing GM ingredients, on livestock animals. You can download this workshop’s presentations here: