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Project Objectives

MARLON strategic objective will be achieved through four integrated work packages with the following specific objectives:

  1. To identify existing studies, data, initiatives, and networks, on epidemiology of health impacts of both GM and non-GM feeds in livestock animals;
  2. To investigate GM animal feed exposure measurement possibilities;

  3. To define specific sensitive health indicators for the purpose of monitoring of four particular types of potential health effects;
  4. To survey livestock production chains for the context in which an epidemiological model has to be applied;
  5. To develop a conceptual epidemiological model to link exposure of an animal to GM ingredients including the identification and analysis of possible risk pathways;
  6. To establish a database with data for monitoring possible health impacts of GM crops, or that of crops /feeds in more general terms, on the health of livestock animals consuming these crops / feeds;
  7. To perform a feasibility study for the use of the model in the EU;
  8. To formulate and present recommendations to European policy makers, risk managers, risk assessors, biotech company regulatory officials, and veterinary professionals;
  9. To provide training related to the use and translation of the results of the model developed.