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This project aimed to identify a panel of biomarkers, which could be used to predict harmful GMO effects after product authorization in addition to devising a potential strategy that could be used for post market monitoring for other GMOs.The project ended on March 31, 2012 and the main results can viewed here.

website: http://www.gmsafoodproject.eu/

- GRACE - GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence

Assessing health, environmental and socio-economic impacts of GM plants (risks and benefits) and testing various types of animal feeding trials and alternative in-vitro methods for health risk assessments of GM food and feed.
website: http://www.grace-fp7.eu/home

- QSAFFE - Quality and Safety of Feeds and Foods for Europe

The 4 objectives of QSAFFE are to develop strategies for the early Quality and Safety Assurance in the food chain, develop feed materials traceability and authenticity, identify emerging risks and perform transfer studies of contaminant and micro-organisms from feed to food.
website: http://www.qsaffe.eu/index.html


The project’s overall aim is to develop and validate conceptual and decision support frameworks and associated tools for designing efficient risk-based animal health surveillance systems.

Providing a new generation of methodologies and tools for cost-effective risk-based animal health surveillance systems for the benefit of livestock producers, decision makers and consumers.
website: http://www.fp7-risksur.eu/

- PRICE - Practical Implementation of Coexistence in Europe

The project aims to identify the best coexistence practices to capture the benefits from both GM and non GM production without jeopardizing their respective incentives.
website: http://price-coexistence.com/

- AMIGA - Assessing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically modified plants on Agro-ecosystems

This project aims at producing scientific data related to the possible environmental and economic impacts of cultivation of genetically modified plants (GMPs), relevant to European environments.
website: http://www.amigaproject.eu/